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Naruto News
Newsletter Volume #1458 for Thursday, July 18, and Friday, July 19, 2013! 
19th-Jul-2013 08:53 pm
[Naruto] Hinata -- love conquers fear
Newsletter volume #1458

Gaara Gets a Girlfriend (Chapter 11) by beublu [Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Baki, Team 10, T]
Contingency (Chapter 1) by freakyfeline [Naruto.U, Sakura.H, Tsunade.S, Yamato, Sai, unrated]
Reflection (Chapter 33) by juniper11 [KakaSaku, M]

For kakairu_fest:

This is the End by troublesome_jv [PG]
The Paragon of Life by taudi [PG-13]
Café Royale by water_bby [G]

Icons, Graphics, & other Fanworks
35 Naruto Shippuuden Icons by poncho_san
Fanvid: Naruto Bad Apple! Parody by hakumi6

Questions and Searches
kristal21 is looking for 'Volatile' by Hina88

Community Announcements
kakairu_fest : Presenting: Team AU
itachi_icontest : Week 179 Mid-Week Reminder
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