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Welcome to naruto_news, your source for daily digests of all the happenings in Naruto fandom!
From news on the manga and anime to fanworks like fanfiction and icons, we cover it all!
You do not need to join the community to get the updates. Friending the community is all that is necessary.

Your creator and moderator is alexiel_rieth.
If you need to contact her, email at narutowatch85 [at] gmail [dot] com OR alexiel.rieth [at] gmail [dot] com [this one is preferred].

Your co-mod is isolabela. If you need to contact her specifically for anything, email her at isolabela [at] gmail [dot] com.

Daily editing is taken care of by the following:
Sunday= toboe_lonewolf
Monday= heroesknowitall
Tuesday= aestover
Wednesday= tj_dragonblade
Thursday= iridescentboy
Friday= skylar_inari
Saturday= aisushi

Back-up editors:

naruto_watch is our watcher journal where all updates are based.
If you would like to add your own community or journal to the watch list (or know of one that we missed) just come here and leave a reply!

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